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Olympic gold medal­list Caster Se­menya and her wife, Vi­o­let Rase­boya, have hinted on In­sta­gram that they’re ready to be­come par­ents. What’s your take on this? Good for them. Same-sex cou­ples de­serve to have chil­dren too. ZANELE ZEE MATLALA The kid’s gonna have two mums . . . how cool is that? ENOUGH MOLOBELA Two moth­ers are bet­ter than one! I wish them all the best! MAFUNGWASE INGANE KAMASHABANGU ZWANE There are more than enough ba­bies out there for them to look af­ter, thanks to peo­ple who have kids and don’t take care of them. Hence we have so many or­phans. ESAU SELOKOE SONNY RADITSELA They would make great par­ents. PERTUNIA FREE I think it would be best for them to adopt a child. CHARIE DEE Can’t they just stay without kids? Does some­body’s kid have to be part of their mad­ness too? No mother, no fa­ther? LUNGI LU Judg­ing by some of th­ese com­ments, I see why peo­ple choose to be athe­ists. Some Chris­tians are the most judge­men­tal and hate­ful peo­ple in the world. ZANELE ZEE MATLALA I wish them all the best. ROSE MURISON

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