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Your baby may be shy or ner­vous with strangers and cry when mom or dad leaves. They’ll hand you a book when they want to hear a story, and re­peat sounds or ac­tions to get at­ten­tion. They will use sim­ple ges­tures, such as shak­ing their head to say “no” or wav­ing “bye-bye”. The sounds they make will start to re­sem­ble speech, with words like “mama” and “dada”.

At this stage ba­bies start shak­ing, bang­ing and throw­ing things as a way of ex­plor­ing ob­jects. They’ll start to fol­low sim­ple in­struc­tions and will put things in and out of con­tain­ers.

“At the very least, your baby should be crawl­ing by now, and they should be able to stand when sup­ported,” Dr Züh­lke says. “Also check that your baby isn’t los­ing any of the skills they’ve ac­quired.” This could be an in­di­ca­tion of re­gres­sive autism or other re­lated dis­or­ders.


This is the time for games like peek-a-boo. Give them things like brooms and dusters so they can take part in house­hold chores, Naeser sug­gests. They can also start clear­ing up their own toys.

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