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It seems sugar could have the same ef­fect on your brain as co­caine – it can be just as ad­dic­tive as the pow­er­ful il­le­gal drug and can cause crav­ings and binges, the Bri­tish Jour­nal of Sports Medicine re­ports. Re­search has found con­sum­ing sugar pro­duces drug-like ef­fects. And it’s not easy to give up ei­ther. Cut­ting out sugar can re­sult in with­drawal symp­toms sim­i­lar to a drug ad­dict go­ing cold turkey, and could lead to de­pres­sion and be­havioural prob­lems such as ADHD. The tests were con­ducted on rats, but the re­searchers say the re­sults would be true for hu­mans too.

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