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Call your near­est emer­gency ser­vice, ­es­pe­cially if the per­son is un­con­scious, and sup­ply de­tails such as the type of poi­son in­volved, the quan­tity in­gested and the age and weight of the per­son.

If you know how to ad­min­is­ter CPR – a tech­nique to get the heart and lungs work­ing again – first check that there isn’t poi­son in the per­son’s mouth. Don’t try to get the ­per­son to vomit as this can cause fur­ther dam­age.

Con­tact the poi­son helpline on 0861555- 777 for more info on what to do.

Keep all toxic sub­stances such as bleach and paraf­fin out of the reach of chil­dren.

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