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The term SPF stands for sun pro­tec­tion fac­tor. Sun­screens com­bine sev­eral in­gre­di­ents that help pre­vent the sun’s UV ra­di­a­tion from reach­ing the skin. UVB is the chief cul­prit be­hind sun­burn, and UVA rays, which pen­e­trate the skin more deeply, are as­so­ci­ated with the var­i­ous sun-in­duced ef­fects of age­ing.

Sun­screens vary in their abil­ity to pro­tect against UVA and UVB, but most sun­screens with an SPF of 15 or higher do an ex­cel­lent job of pro­tect­ing against UVB. How SPF is cal­cu­lated If it takes 20 min­utes for your un­pro­tected skin to start turn­ing red, us­ing a sun­screen with an SPF of 15 the­o­ret­i­cally pre­vents red­den­ing 15 times longer – about five hours.

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