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Have you ever had busi­ness part­ners or close friends who one day walked away from you? Let me tell you this, your destiny is no longer linked to those peo­ple. Some peo­ple will leave you, and when they do, let them go.

[Preacher] Pat Me­siti aptly said that your destiny is sel­dom tied to those who walk away from you. When peo­ple don’t be­long in your life any more, not even a truck­load of su­per­glue is go­ing to make them stay.

Some­times the gift of goodbye opens up an­other door. Move on, but don’t move away. No one should al­low a bro­ken re­la­tion­ship, be it mar­riage or friend­ship, to de­press them. If a per­son wants to leave you, let them go.

Ev­ery­one needs to fo­cus on the af­ter of a sit­u­a­tion, be­cause de­spite what we go through there’s al­ways an af­ter. MOTLOKOA PAKANA, HEIL­BRON

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