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They are of­ten com­bined and can in­clude:

Surgery – this is the most com­mon treat­ment for all stages of colon can­cer.

Cryosurgery – us­ing ex­treme cold, usu­ally from liq­uid nitro­gen, to kill ab­nor­mal tis­sue.

Chemo­ther­apy – drugs stop the growth of can­cer cells, ei­ther by killing the cells or by stop­ping them from di­vid­ing.

Ra­diofre­quency ab­la­tion – a pro­ce­dure in­volv­ing an elec­tri­cal cur­rent to heat up a small area of nerve tis­sue, de­creas­ing pain sig­nals from that spe­cific area.

Ra­di­a­tion ther­apy – high-en­ergy x-rays or other types of ra­di­a­tion are used to kill can­cer cells or keep them from grow­ing.

Tar­geted ther­apy, im­munother­apy and mon­o­clonal an­ti­bod­ies – drugs or other sub­stances iden­tify and at­tack spe­cific can­cer cells with­out harm­ing nor­mal cells.

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