Top tips from Pat Feather­stone, di­rec­tor and founder of Soil for Life.

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1Mulch, mulch, mulch – es­pe­cially in sum­mer. It saves wa­ter and pro­tects plants and soil. Use com­post, dry grass cut­tings, news­pa­per, leaves, sticks, bark chips, peach pips or any other or­ganic mat­ter. 2Urine is a use­ful fer­tiliser. Di­lute it in a bucket of wa­ter and pour it on the soil around your plants. 3Crush and sprin­kle eggshells to use as a cal­cium- rich fer­tiliser. 4If you get the chance, go to the beach and col­lect sea­weed. Rinse off the sand and salt and use it as a mulch. It rots quickly, re­leas­ing lots of min­er­als into the soil. 5 Be wa­ter wise by mak­ing a cir­cu­lar dam with your finger around each plant. The wa­ter will sink deep into the soil with­out run­ning off 6 Plant lots of legumes, like peas and beans, as they ab­sorb ni­tro­gen from the air and con­vert it into a form plants can use for growth. 7Grow gar­lic be­tween cer­tain veg­eta­bles, like spinach and toma­toes, as in­sects don’t like the smell. But keep it away from peas and beans. 8Old car tyres make ex­cel­lent nurs­eries for grow­ing seedlings. In sum­mer paint them a light colour on the out­side to pre­vent them be­com­ing too hot.

If you’re in­ter­ested in grow­ing your own healthy, or­ganic food, con­tact Soil for Life on 021-794-4982.

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