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AS ONE of the nu­mer­ous un­em­ployed youth in South Africa, I never let my sit­u­a­tion get the bet­ter of me. I re­main fo­cused by stick­ing to my goals. We South Africans like to wait for things to drop into our laps, while many for­eign­ers come to our coun­try, work hard and be­come rich un­der our noses – as we sit idly by.

Be­ing job­less doesn’t mean you’re a fail­ure – you still have many good qual­i­ties and you can also make a con­tri­bu­tion to so­ci­ety. I get in­volved in com­mu­nity up­lift­ment projects to keep my­self busy. It’s im­por­tant to build a sup­port sys­tem for your­self, to or­gan­ise your time and to get into a rou­tine. Mir­a­cles only hap­pen when you act, not when you wait. MOTLOKOA PAKANA, HEILBRON

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