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We’ve had Soweto der­bies be­fore, and peo­ple have hurt them­selves and oth­ers be­cause their teams didn’t win the match.

Soc­cer is en­ter­tain­ment and peo­ple mustn’t al­low it to in­flu­ence them to do fool­ish things. Of course, the prob­lem is not with soc­cer it­self but with us specta-

tors. We fail to con­duct our­selves prop­erly at the games, which is why peo­ple can end up get­ting hurt or killed.

And gam­bling on soc­cer? While it isn’t a mis­take, it must be done re­spon­si­bly. Don’t in­vest all your cash in sport– when you don’t win you’ll be in­con­solable.

As soc­cer fans, es­pe­cially when Soweto ri­vals play, we need to be more re­spon­si­ble and remember our teams aren’t go­ing to win ev­ery game. We live to watch soc­cer, we don’t live to die be­cause of it. MIYELANI HLUNGWANI, MUKHOMI VIL­LAGE

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