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The news of Jen­nifer Fer­gu­son’s rape or­deal and the #MeToo cam­paign have gone vi­ral (The power of speak­ing up, 2 Novem­ber). Men who abuse women must be de­clared “hostis hu­mani generis (en­e­mies of mankind)”.

These in­di­vid­u­als are cold-hearted fiends. So­ci­ety bears guilt for con­don­ing sex pests. The de­file­ment of our women con­tin­ues un­abated and un­pun­ished. Our ju­di­cial sys­tem must mete out the sever­est sanc­tion to of­fend­ers.

The rich and the pow­er­ful are vir­tu­ally im­mune from pros­e­cu­tion, and what we’re wit­ness­ing to­day is a man­i­fes­ta­tion of this ugly truth. FAROUK ARAIE, BENONI

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