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I was deeply touched by Onkara­bile Mamoro­bela’s plight (Hooked up for life, 1 Fe­bru­ary). The life of ev­ery child is sup­posed to be one of free­dom and move­ment, but Onkara­bile is lead­ing a frus­trat­ing and mis­er­able life be­cause her con­di­tion re­stricts her mo­bil­ity.

To make mat­ters worse, the lit­tle girl’s mother is also af­fected by her dis­ease as she can’t go out to earn a liv­ing. Moth­ers who have healthy chil­dren must con­sider them­selves blessed – for they can leave

their houses to go to work while their chil­dren are at school.

Be­fore we com­plain, we need to con­sider our bless­ings. Chief among our bless­ings is to be in good health. No par­ent can be happy when their child is sick. May the Almighty ex­tend His blessed hand and heal Onkara­bile and other kids whose mo­bil­ity is re­stricted by their ill health. E KUBU, EMAIL

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