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Trans­form a shabby din­ing ta­ble into a worldly piece with an as­sort­ment of maps. The kids will love it – and it makes a cool ed­u­ca­tional tool too. YOU WILL NEED

Round wooden ta­ble Sand­pa­per Cloth Un­der­coat and paint 2 paint­brushes As­sorted maps Scis­sors De­coupage glue Small paint roller and tray

STEP 1 Sand ta­ble to smooth out any old var­nish or paint, then wipe down with a damp cloth.

STEP 2 Paint legs and rim with un­der­coat. When dry, ap­ply two coats of paint. Al­low to dry be­tween coats.

STEP 3 Us­ing a clean paint­brush and de­coupage glue, paste maps onto table­top. Over­lap maps to cover en­tire sur­face of table­top and make sure the edges are neatly placed be­fore glue­ing. Al­low to dry (1-2 hours).

STEP 4 For neat curved edges, place map on the ta­ble so that it over­laps the edge and run your fin­ger along the edge with firm pres­sure to cre­ate a crease. Use this crease as a guide to cut along the map.

STEP 5 Al­low to dry for 1 to 2 hours. To seal the sur­face, use a small roller to ap­ply mul­ti­ple thin lay­ers of glue to the top of the ta­ble, al­low­ing about 30 min­utes be­tween coats to dry.

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