DRUM - - Décor - Bright and bold is the way to go here. Sim­ply choose your colour scheme and paint away!


Wooden ta­ble Sand­pa­per and cloth Un­der­coat and paint (in your cho­sen colours) As­sorted paint­brushes Pen­cil Ruler and eraser Mask­ing tape Util­ity knife STEP 1 Sand table­top and legs. Wipe off dust with damp cloth. STEP 2 Paint en­tire ta­ble with un­der­coat. When dry, paint two coats of colour. We painted the top white and the legs black. Al­low to dry com­pletely.

STEP 3 Us­ing a ruler and pen­cil, mark a zigzag pat­tern on your table­top. Choose a zigzag width and length to suit the size and shape of your ta­ble.

STEP 4 Use mask­ing tape to mask off those ar­eas that are to be painted black and yel­low (or colours of your choice). Use a util­ity knife to cut tape ac­cu­rately.

STEP 5 Paint mul­ti­ple thin coats of the de­sired colours, al­low­ing ad­e­quate time to dry be­tween coats. When last coat is dry, care­fully re­move mask­ing tape to re­veal your zigzag pat­tern.

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