DRUM - - Décor - Trans­form a dreary glass-topped ta­ble by ar­rang­ing some gor­geous pat­terned pa­per un­der­neath the glass.


Glass topped ta­ble Sand­pa­per Cloth Un­der­coat and paint Wrap­ping pa­per or wall­pa­per (in cho­sen pat­terns) and scis­sors

Ply­wood (6mm thick, cut to size of glass)

Spray ad­he­sive STEP 1 Sand and pre­pare ta­ble frame and wipe away dust with damp cloth.

STEP 2 Paint ta­ble frame with un­der­coat. When dry, ap­ply two coats of paint. We painted our ta­ble white.

STEP 3 Lay wrap­ping pa­per or wall­pa­per onto a sheet of ply­wood. Cut to size.

STEP 4 Us­ing spray ad­he­sive, care­fully stick pa­per to ply­wood sheet. STEP 5 Place dec­o­rated ply­wood on table­top, then place clean glass on top. It’s that easy.

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