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IT SEEMS more drama is un­fold­ing be­hind the scenes on the set of TV show re­boot Lethal Weapon. The se­ries, which started out with

CLAYNE CRAW­FORD and DA­MON WAYANS tak­ing on the roles orig­i­nally played by MEL GIB­SON and DANNY

GLOVER, ended its pre­vi­ous sea­son with Clayne’s char­ac­ter get­ting gunned down – and the ac­tor was later fired for his “emo­tional abu­sive­ness” on set.

Now Da­mon has an­nounced, “I’m too old for this s***”. I’m go­ing to be quit­ting the show in De­cem­ber. I re­ally don’t know what they’re [the pro­duc­ers] plan­ning, but that’s what I’m plan­ning. I’m a 58-year-old di­a­betic and I’m work­ing 16-hour days. It’s hard for me to play this lov­ing, sup­port­ive fa­ther, hus­band and friend on TV and be the guy in life that is telling ev­ery­body, ‘I can’t, I gotta work’.

He’s go­ing to try to find his hap­pi­ness again with a re­turn to the­atre, he said.

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