DRUM - - Good Laughs -

Frikkie is sit­ting on a park bench when he sees his long-lost buddy, Gatiep, walk­ing his way. As Gatiep comes closer Frikkie no­tices one of Gatiep’s shoelaces is hang­ing loose.

“Gatiep. Howzit, my china?” says Frikkie, giv­ing his buddy a lekker friendly manly hug. “Hey, ma bra. Howzit, Frikkie?” “Hey, all’s cool . . . Hey, Gatiep, have you no­ticed you one of the shoelaces on your takkies is un­done?”

“Yes, I have,” says Gatiep, in­spect­ing his shoe­lace.

“Hey, pal, I think you bet­ter do it up be­fore you trip and fall,” Frikkie says.

“No, man. It says here right un­der my takkie – ‘Tai­wan’.”

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