Empowered Youth Magazine - - SOULFUL TALK - BY: Vu­tomi Tsha­bal­ala

The other day I watched my 2 years old son move a pen around on a piece of pa­per a cou­ple of times and the end re­sults looked like a huge mess of noth­ing. To my sur­prise, he took a step back, looked at it and said: “Wow!” He was gen­uinely proud of his scrib­bles, so proud that he went around the com­plex show­ing his mas­ter­piece to any­one will­ing to spare a mo­ment of their time. At that very mo­ment, it got me think­ing about how many bril­liant ideas get killed in the ab­sence of self-con­fi­dence.

The grave still re­mains the rich­est place as that is the fi­nal rest­ing place of bril­liant ideas that were never im­ple­mented. Some­times in life, you need to be your own cheer­leader. There will be a time where no one will un­der­stand your way of life nor have faith in your dreams. You will try to ex­plain it in dif­fer­ent ways and some peo­ple will even shoot it down with neg­a­tive com­ments. In life, one needs to be con­fi­dent enough in their dreams. Not everyone will un­der­stand your idea while God did not in­stall the same vi­sion in all of us. Some projects were in­deed meant to be car­ried out Solo. I pray for a fu­ture whereby the cre­ative mind of our gen­er­a­tion can im­ple­ment their ideas with­out seek­ing val­i­da­tion from the next per­son.

In any jour­ney: re­jected is in­evitable and you won’t al­ways have peo­ple singing songs of praises for you. Those are the times when you should dance the most, sing the loud­est and be your own cheer­leader. You need to learn to have faith in your own vi­sion, ca­pa­bil­i­ties, and dreams. Your dreams be will laughed at and peo­ple will try to cage you in a small box of what they think your lim­i­ta­tions are, never give up in your dreams. This past week­end I learned of a man in our class be­ing home­less. The very same man who helped me park my car out­side just a day be­fore and guided it safe un­til I re­turned from run­ning my er­rands later.

A dirty, smelling and hun­gry look­ing man in his late 30s sleeps in the street of Braam­fontein and guides cars so that he can at­tend night classes in the pur­suit to some­day be­come a Charted Ac­counted. How far are you will­ing to go to pro­tect your dream? What keeps you up at night? What­ever it is, don’t let any­one take that away from you. If you have a dream, you pro­tect it.

There are many peo­ple whom I had writ­ten off as be­ing worth­less and never go­ing to amount to any­thing in lifebased on my per­spec­tive of them. To­day the very same peo­ple are wear­ing the blan­ket of suc­cess and en­joy­ing the sweet honey that comes with it as I sit and watch from the side-lines. No one in this won­der­ful earth has power over your des­tiny. If you have a dream so big and so im­por­tant to you, you need to want it so bad that you are will­ing to walk this jour­ney alone. Some­times peo­ple are not hat­ing on you, they sim­ply have a lim­ited think­ing ca­pac­ity com­pared to yours, so value and re­spect your dream enough to treat it with the great­ness that it de­serves.

The look on my son’s face was fear­less and full of hope. His in­no­cence told him that his best was good enough. While I saw mis­guided lines, he saw per­fec­tion. When I wanted to pack away the draw­ing with other rub­bish in the house, he saw it wor­thy to be shown to the world. Great­ness is not an il­lu­sion, it is not put aside for a cer­tain class of peo­ple; YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID. Some­times it is not your dream that needs to be ad­justed, it is your au­di­ence. Great­ness is not DNA linked or sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted, that is why some­times you will need to move away from your fam­ily to get the right amount of sup­port to make your dreams a re­al­ity. May you chan­nel the en­ergy, mo­ti­va­tion, and fear­less­ness that the child in you once had. Do you have a dream? You have to pro­tect it, pe­riod.

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