2 Corinthi­ans 5: 17. There­fore, if any­one is in Christ, the new cre­ation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! New life of bap­tism is the life and the na­ture of God. It is a life that gives ac­cess to the father. He says the old has gone, the new is here. So the pres­ence of the new is the ab­sence of the old. God has called u to take his na­ture to re­flect him on earth. Matthew 9: 17. Nei­ther do peo­ple pour new wine into old wine­skins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wine­skins will be ru­ined. No, they pour new wine into new wine­skins, and both are pre­served. Je­sus says u can't pour a new wine into an old wine cup, be­cause the dirt­i­ness of the cup will af­fect the wine. God wants to bless us, he wants to use us. He want us to im­part the world with his love and mercy but we have kept a char­ac­ter that blocks the bless­ings of God. It blocks the hand of God

In our nat­u­ral life:

A new life can come through mar­riage, school, busi­ness and re­habs. New life can also come through a new house u bought. But our prob­lem is this, we want to main­tain our new life us­ing our old men­tal­ity, our old ways of life. We want to main­tain mar­riage us­ing the life of a sin­gle per­son. This are the words of the An­gel when he vis­ited El­iz­a­beth to speak about the birth of John. Luke 1: 15. For he will be great in the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine or other fer­mented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even be­fore he is born. - Bi­ble Off­line So the An­gel told Merry not to drink wine or fer­mented drink be­cause she was car­ry­ing a new life. She car­ried a child who is des­tined to be a prophet. So when u en­ter into new life, your char­ac­ter must change. Learn to for­give, learn to love and learn to ap­pre­ci­ate be­cause you carry the life of God.

Don't keep old evil friends in your new life, be­cause some of these friends will kill a seed of GOD in your spirit. Bad com­pany cor­rupts good char­ac­ter. Matthew 7: 18. A good tree can­not bear bad fruit, and a bad tree can­not bear good fruit. So the fruits or the ac­tiv­i­ties of life they carry is the beauty of God when you are new in Christ .When you are born again, the birth of Je­sus in your spirit is the beauty of your job, your fam­ily and your mar­riage. Psalm 1: 3. That per­son is like a tree planted by streams of wa­ter, which yields its fruit in sea­son and whose leaf does not wither— what­ever they do pros­pers. New life gives God an abil­ity to demon­strate who He re­ally is. He says u will pros­per be­cause you are like a tree rooted next to a river. You carry the life of God. Your ideas are blessed, your fam­ily is blessed and your job is blessed too.

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