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We of­ten mis­take the word de­pres­sion for at­ten­tion as peo­ple and for­get to check on our loved ones be­cause we think they are strong. We only ar­gue and try con­nect­ing the dots when the con­nec­tion be­tween us is no more, we try to find ex­cuses for what hap­pens and blame our­selves what might have not oc­curred. The first at­tempt and fail­ure of sui­cide is not an eye opener, but judge­ment from ev­ery­one around us be­cause they are try­ing to find ex­cuses as to why they were not there when you needed them the most and why they could not see that you are de­pressed all along. What is this de­pres­sion we are talk­ing about? Psy­chi­a­trist de­scribes its fu­ture, but for those who have ex­pe­ri­enced it, they can say it is the fail­ure to find in­ner peace With your­self and for those who know about it, they say it is the same thing that made the 8-year old hang him­self and the very same sick­ness that made a 25year old drink her­self pills to sleep for­ever, while some may say it is a de­mon that bat­tles with God’s peo­ple and there are oth­ers who say it is for peo­ple who seek at­ten­tion. We may all de­fine it dif­fer­ently, but the truth of the mat­ter is; that de­pres­sion is there and we can­not con­trol nor choose, it chooses who and when. It is hard for us to check on our strong­est friends in most cases be­cause they are the ones we run to when we have prob­lems, but we never give them a chance to tell us their prob­lems, they bat­tle with their prob­lems on their own, we see them as strong peo­ple who know how to mind their own busi­ness, but to be hon­est; how is that pos­si­ble be­cause we all need that one per­son who can lis­ten and

at least­sym­pa­thizee with us and also give us guid­ance to this busi­ness In the Zulu na­tion, there is a say that says “umuntu ngu­muntu ngab­sntu”, mean­ing we all need each other for us to sur­vive, but we never really bother to ask that one friend what is wrong, we turn to do so when it is al­ready too late and we beat our­selves up over it in most cases be­cause we feel that we failed them. More than 2500 a year are re­ported dead in South Africa al­most ev­ery year not mur­dered, but be­cause of sui­cide and about 550 peo­ple who at­tempt to com­mit sui­cide in a year alone, but we still fail to un­der­stand de­pres­sion. It. Yes, some­times it is hard to talk about some top­ics, but it is bet­ter to ask than to live with the guilt of not ask­ing your whole life, so do check on your strong friend, it may help in the long run. A sim­ple call and a meet over, a glass of juice can change a lot than a sim­ple text.

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