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Which is bet­ter for your body and why: yoga or Pi­lates?

I pre­fer start­ing my work­out with car­dio to get my body warmed up be­fore a work­out. I pre­fer Pi­lates be­cause it helps you burn fat faster, e.g., it takes away cel­lulite’s which is one thing most women bat­tle with

What are the big­gest mis­takes peo­ple make at the gym?

The big­gest mis­take peo­ple do at the gym, is start a work­out with­out stretch­ing and warm­ing up your body.Not warm­ing up could cause you to tire your mus­cles badly

What are the best foods to eat be­fore work­ing out?

The best food be­fore a work out is an ap­ple.Con­sider eat­ing at least 4 hours be­fore a work­out.

How can you re­duce belly fat and flat­ten your stom­ach?

Belly fat is a big prob­lem for many in­di­vid­u­als! The only way to lose belly fat is to watch what you eat and ex­er­cise. Prefer­ably car­dio and stock ex­er­cises such as sit ups on a daily ba­sis.

What would you rec­om­mend for a quick 20- to 30-minute work­out?

10 min car­dio (jog) around the block, 50 squats, 30 push ups! Ev­ery week you add 10 reps. Bear in mind that these are ex­er­cises you can do at home too.

What kind of beauty prod­ucts should be in ev­ery woman's gym bag?

Beauty prod­ucts. Lip gloss. I al­ways have some­thing for my lips.

What gives you the courage to work out?

I just had a baby 4 months ago and I weighed 88 kgs af­ter birth. I did not like how I looked and then I started work­ing on my­self, in five months I now weigh 76Kgs. Noth­ing beats be­ing a sexy young mother.

Ac­cord­ing to you, why is it im­por­tant to start your day with a work­out?

As much as peo­ple think ex­er­cis­ing in the morn­ing makes you tired through­out the day. Trust me that is not true. Ex­er­cis­ing in the morn­ing ac­tu­ally gives you more en­ergy through­out the day and your im­mune sys­tem works faster which means you can lose more weight

Many young girls are ashamed of how they look body wise, what ad­vice can you give?

My ad­vice to the ladies out there is to love them­selves the way you are, never let any­one tell you oth­er­wise! Em­brace your body.


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