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Ihe be­gin­ning of Spring is such a beau­ti­ful time of year – it’s fresh but not freez­ing in the morn­ing; the evenings are softer and longer so you can ven­ture out­side for a bit, and the green of new leaves is al­ways in­spir­ing. It makes the morn­ing school run a lot eas­ier too, not hav­ing to get up and wres­tle the kids into some kind of school­go­ing shape in the cold and dark.

The school run’s been slightly dif­fer­ent for us any­way, this year, be­cause Seven­teen is in ma­tric, and this is the last year of morn­ing mad­ness. Well, for him, at least; we’ll still be out there next year with Six­teen, who is up next, bat­tling the road rage of par­ents in big cars on their way Some­where Ob­vi­ously Way More Im­por­tant Than Where You’re Go­ing.

Septem­ber is really the month when the whole ma­tric thing starts kick­ing off and be­com­ing a re­al­ity. Seven­teen tells us he has only three weeks left of ac­tual lessons, then it’s pre­lims, then it’s ma­tric. I have no idea how this hap­pened – it feels like just last week we were rais­ing an ex­hausted glass to the fact that he was fi­nally sleep­ing through the night, yet here we are.

While Seven­teen is tak­ing it all in his stride, I find I am not ac­tu­ally quite sure how to be the mother of some­one in ma­tric. How much of my role should be pro­vid­ing en­cour­age­ment and sup­port, and how much should be lock­ing him in a room and chain­ing him to his desk? Is a gap year a good or a bad idea? It’s all a bit tricky. Friends who’ve been through it all be­fore say it’s far too late for the chain­ing to the desk ap­proach, and that my role from now on, as a mother, is re­stricted to sound­ing board and sup­port struc­ture, and I sus­pect they’re right. All ad­vice is wel­come. To any other moth­ers go­ing through the same thing, strength to your bows too… I’m sure we will mud­dle through, as we al­ways have done. And to the rest of you, a very happy spring!

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