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We spoke to Jenny Sy­mons, who has been in pri­vate prac­tice for 20 years and con­sults at For­doun be­cause ‘they see and un­der­stand the im­por­tance of look­ing af­ter your en­ergy sys­tem as much as the phys­i­cal’.


‘For ev­ery thought we have, our en­ergy changes. You can have a happy thought and ev­ery­thing around you falls into bal­ance nat­u­rally. Or if you’re ill, wor­ried, or have had a trauma, your en­ergy moves for that. When some­one comes to see me, I as­sess their en­ergy and re­align it us­ing var­i­ous tech­niques. We are made up of our phys­i­cal, men­tal, emo­tional and spir­i­tual as­pects – to­gether, they make up the en­er­getic body around us. As hu­mans, we fo­cus al­most all our at­ten­tion on the phys­i­cal – what we eat, how we look, what we wear – but that only makes up a small per­cent­age of who we are.’


‘By hav­ing your au­ric field and your chakras bal­anced, and all the other as­pects that I work on put back where they should be, it strength­ens your en­ergy sys­tem like you would strengthen your im­mu­nity. You’re able to get better faster, or han­dle sit­u­a­tions you could never han­dle be­fore. It shifts some­thing in you that helps you cope better. If you carry ev­ery­thing you go through around with you, you’re block­ing your­self. When you clear that all up, you step into your power and your truth and you’re able to be the best per­son you can be.’


‘Any­one. I see kids reg­u­larly and have clients from all re­li­gions. Some cou­ples have come to me where the woman is more open to it but her hus­band has come along. In one case, I could feel the man didn’t want to be there. I hadn’t even fin­ished as­sess­ing his en­ergy field when tears just started stream­ing down his face. I didn’t say any­thing. At the end of the treat­ment he sat up and said: “What a jour­ney!” He shared his story af­ter­wards, but with­out a word, he’d lain on that bed and just let go of ev­ery­thing. That’s where it’s mag­i­cal – when you see the dif­fer­ence it’s made to some­one.’

Jenny Symons, bio-en­ergy con­sul­tant at For­doun.

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