Whether it’s for a week, a month, a year or the rest of your life, no al­co­hol – or, at the very least, mind­ful drink­ing – is the new yoga: every­one’s (not) do­ing it. Here’s what to drink when you’re not drink­ing…

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Great-tast­ing drinks – mi­nus the al­co­hol

Dry Jan­uary, Free­buary, Sobervem­ber or NotTober? Take your pick: giv­ing up al­co­hol for 30 days each year is be­com­ing de rigueur for in­creas­ing numbers of peo­ple. Two peo­ple in our of­fice (and we’re a small team) did it this year, and loved the re­sults. In the UK, One Year No Beer and Club Soda are both net­works cham­pi­oning mind­ful drink­ing. Club Soda re­cently hosted a mind­ful drink­ing fes­ti­val, where peo­ple drank no-al­co­hol craft beers and cock­tails and com­pared smug notes on how well they were sleep­ing. I’m mak­ing up the last bit, but why shouldn’t they? Giv­ing up is a great way to cut down on sugar, lose weight, be more pro­duc­tive, feel more rested and re­cal­i­brate in­grained pat­terns of drink­ing out of habit rather than for en­joy­ment.

And there are more and more great al­co­hol-free op­tions, too... no need to hole up at home un­til it’s all over!

Bavaria non-al­co­holic beer

I’m not a huge beer drinker, al­though some­times on a blis­ter­ingly hot day there’s noth­ing to touch it. But the no-al­co­hol va­ri­eties have of­ten been dis­ap­point­ing – not worth the calo­ries, in my view. In the in­ter­ests of more ex­pert in­put, I can­vassed my beer- lov­ing friends to find out which no-al­co­hol beer they pre­fer, and Bavaria non­al­co­holic was the one most rec­om­mended. Beck’s was also up there. And I be­lieve Heineken has launched 0.0, which is get­ting rave re­views in Europe. Drink the beer ice cold and straight up or add half lemon­ade, or even half lemon­ade, half soda wa­ter, for a re­fresh­ing shandy.

The Duchess no-al­co­hol, no-sugar G&T

I love The Duchess. Not only does it taste just like a de­li­ciously her­bal botan­i­cal gin, it also has no calo­ries, no sugar, and comes in beau­ti­ful grownup pack­ag­ing, so you won’t feel like a kid sip­ping a cooldrink while the grown-ups neck the good stuff.

Mulled apple juice

If it’s a bit cold, as it can still be in Oc­to­ber, there’s noth­ing nicer than a glass of mulled wine. Here’s a gor­geous no-al­co­hol equiv­a­lent:

In­gre­di­ents: 1 litre apple juice, orange peel strips, cin­na­mon stick, 3 cloves, sugar or honey to taste.

Method: Sim­mer the apple juice with the orange peel, cin­na­mon stick and cloves for about 5-10 min­utes. It is al­ready quite sweet, but if you need a lit­tle more, add a bit of honey.

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