Char­lene Scholtz (41)

Chil­dren: Kaela (17) and Emily (7 weeks)

Fairlady - - TALKING POINT -

Af­ter I had my first daugh­ter, I couldn’t fall preg­nant, which led me to be­lieve I would never con­ceive again. I had three mis­car­riages that I knew of. I didn’t ex­pect a good preg­nancy this time.

I was afraid that my baby would be dif­fer­ent some­how, but with all the prayers from friends and fam­ily, I have a healthy baby who’s giv­ing us so much joy and hap­pi­ness. She’s just the cutest ever!

Peo­ple ex­pressed con­cern about the age gap be­tween my chil­dren – my el­dest is prac­ti­cally out of the house. I did hear a few com­ments, but it didn’t faze me be­cause they didn’t know my rea­son. I have the sup­port of fam­ily and friends, and that’s what mat­ters.

I don’t see any dif­fer­ence in the way I raise my kids, and I don’t think I’ll change any­thing in the way I rear my sec­ond child. My el­dest daugh­ter was over the moon! She’s ex­cited about hav­ing a sib­ling and is a great help when it comes to the baby. She babysits when­ever I need to do some­thing else. It’s in­ter­est­ing to watch them bond.

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