When I make this I usu­ally add a lot more chilli to this dish com­pared to what is writ­ten in the in­gre­di­ents list as I love the heat with these ro­bust in­gre­di­ents. This can be served as a mezze, a side or main dish, de­pend­ing on the style of your meal. We have kept the fill­ings in here pretty ba­sic but you can add any hearty veg­etable such as but­ter­nut, potato, sweet potato or even zuc­chini and au­bergine. If you’re a cheese lover, grate some Parme­san or even feta and za’atar over it when serv­ing and take this to a whole dif­fer­ent level. • 5 tbsp sun­flower oil • 2 white onions, finely diced • 6 cloves gar­lic, sliced • 2 fresh red chill­ies, chopped • 2 tbsp tomato paste • 1 tsp sugar • 3 Roma toma­toes, chopped • 8 cups cooked chick­peas • 1 cup ba­sic tomato sauce (see

recipe on page 97) • 1 cup veg­etable stock • salt • freshly ground black pep­per • olive oil for driz­zling • hand­ful of chopped pars­ley In a medium-size pot, warm the oil and add the onions. Cook for about 3 min­utes, then add the gar­lic, chilli, tomato paste, sugar and toma­toes, and sauté a fur­ther three min­utes. Add the chick­peas, ba­sic tomato sauce, stock and sea­son­ing. Cook for about 30 min­utes on low heat. Serve with a few driz­zles of olive oil and a hand­ful of chopped pars­ley.

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