Fairlady - - WINE O’CLOCK - Liesl Robertson

BY ROSIE WALSH I know – the ti­tle makes it sound like the fol­low-up to He’s Just Not That

Into You, but it’s not like that at all. The in­ter­net in­forms me that this book falls into a genre called ‘ro­man­tic sus­pense’ – new to me, but pretty apt.

Sarah meets Ed­die dur­ing a walk through the English coun­try­side and they hit it off right away, spend­ing the next six days getting to know each other – and fall­ing in love. Ed­die has to leave on a long­booked hol­i­day to Spain, but prom­ises Sarah he’ll be in touch later that same day. But then a whole day passes, and an­other, and an­other… Ed­die hasn’t called – and he’s not an­swer­ing his phone or re­spond­ing to Face­book mes­sages. Has he met some­one else? Has he changed his mind? Has he dis­ap­peared? Her friends tell her to for­get him, but Sarah can’t – she’s con­vinced their feel­ings were mu­tual. How could he do this to her? It turns out there is a rea­son. En­ter­tain­ing.

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