How to choose and use con­ceal­ers


There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to con­ceal­ers: find­ing the right shade and tex­ture, then ap­ply­ing it so it stays in place. The last thing you want is to look in the mir­ror come 4pm to see the prod­uct that was meant to hide your dark cir­cles now com­fort­ably set­tled into your laugh lines! Here are a few tricks I’ve learned: You need more than one shade. The con­cealer that you use for dark cir­cles and to brighten the cen­tre of the face should be two shades lighter than your skin tone. To cover blem­ishes, use one that matches your foun­da­tion. If you’re us­ing only con­cealer, it needs to match your skin tone per­fectly. Medium- to full-cov­er­age con­ceal­ers help to hide dark rings, pig­men­ta­tion or other blem­ishes. Oily skin types need a matte, oil-free for­mula. This won’t clog pores or cause ex­cess un­wanted shine around the eye area. Dry skin types need a creamy for­mula. Avoid oil-free con­ceal­ers as they re­move even more oil from your skin. Use a liq­uid for­mula to hy­drate. Can’t find your ex­act shade? Cus­tom-make your own colour by mix­ing two to­gether. Use an eye cream and a mois­turiser be­fore ap­ply­ing con­cealer, es­pe­cially if you have dry skin – the con­cealer will ap­ply bet­ter. A primer can also help if con­cealer creases on your skin. Use a brush, sponge or your fin­ger­tips. Blend un­til the dark cir­cles or colour has been cor­rected. The warmth of your fin­gers helps the prod­uct melt into the skin; pat it on with your ring fin­ger. Pro­long the wear. Lightly dust loose pow­der over the con­cealer to pre­vent it from creas­ing or set­tling into lines around your eye area. Don’t overdo it with the pow­der un­less you want a dry, crêpey fin­ish. Less is more. The YouTu­bers do­ing beauty tu­to­ri­als tend to paint on con­cealer with a heavy hand; keep in mind that most of them are in their twen­ties and can get away with wear­ing more. Dot the con­cealer on and blend well.

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