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J’some­thing’s new restau­rant — like the SACP — could use a bit of con­sis­tency.

The star on the SACP em­blem, like the swastika, be­longs to the past. I am amazed that peo­ple still ad­mire one kind of ex­trem­ism, such as com­mu­nism, but find an­other, Nazism, ab­hor­rent.

Both have been proven not to work.

When the Zup­tas have gone, a lot of par­a­sites will be look­ing for work. But their crimes will be re­mem­bered, be­cause the In­ter­net never for­gets.

They’ve for­got­ten that fact. But, you know, they can all go to hell.

They’re not wor­ried about the mil­lions who have lived through hell be­cause of their greed. These mil­lions were never given what they were promised for their votes.

There’s a grow­ing school of thought that says the big­gest risk to SA is the con­tin­ued pres­ence of Batha­bile Dlamini any­where near po­lit­i­cal au­thor­ity.

How is it pos­si­ble that some­one who com­mit­ted fraud — and ad­mit­ted to it — is given an­other govern­ment po­si­tion? So we now re­ward those with crim­i­nal records? A pre­req­ui­site for a govern­ment post should be a clean record. How did Dlamini ob­tain se­cu­rity clear­ance?

Then again, when the high­est post in the land seems to be held by a crim­i­nal, per­haps all sorts of poli­cies are waived?

Cyril Ramaphosa talks about how to fix SA’S econ­omy.

This is the same per­son who re­cently said that “the boers want to take over again”. That’s not very pres­i­den­tial — or truth­ful.

A lack of engi­neers is putting in­fra­struc­ture and ser­vice de­liv­ery at risk in sev­eral mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties.

Em­ploy­ment eq­uity re­quires us to hire can­di­dates who are suit­ably qual­i­fied. That is the first cri­te­rion. The sec­ond is that of race. One must not for­get that if a can­di­date is found who is suit­ably qual­i­fied but is not the eq­uity group sought by the em­ployer, the em­ployer should hire him or her re­gard­less of whether the sec­ond cri­te­rion is ful­filled.

Un­ex­pected jus­tice for one man who took on bank­ing gi­ant Ned­cor and won.

I know of more such cases. The banks do not ad­ver­tise the [re­pos­ses­sion] auc­tions well, and usu­ally the buyer at the auc­tion has al­ready con­tacted some­body at the bank, so the bank knows a huge profit awaits it on a prop­erty that is al­most fully paid. You go to court and the bank loses, then it wants you to pay costs for lit­i­ga­tion.

Such banks should be named and shamed. Ask the debt coun­sel­lors — cer­tain banks re­ally make it dif­fi­cult to or­gan­ise debt coun­selling when they see a chance to hi­jack a prop­erty.

SA is wak­ing up to the threats and op­por­tu­ni­ties pre­sented by rapid tech­no­log­i­cal change. But it still has to learn that robots aren’t nec­es­sar­ily the en­emy; they can some­times be our friends.

Con­sid­er­ing govern­ment does not want to step in and ad­dress the an­nual strikes and out-of-con­trol en­try-level labour cost in­creases, the only way com­pa­nies will sur­vive is to au­to­mate and get rid of the peo­ple strik­ing their way out of jobs.

How is it that 100% of Gupta-owned Shiva was worth R270m one minute, but a few years later R250m bought the In­dus­trial De­vel­op­ment Corp (IDC) a tiny 3.5% of Oak­bay?

The IDC de­serves it! It turns down many gen­uine en­trepreneurs with good busi­ness plans, then funds seem­ingly cor­rupt com­pa­nies.

The IDC bought into it with full knowl­edge. The only peo­ple hood­winked were the public and tax­pay­ers whose money the IDC uses.

It’s the same as most of — if not the en­tire — ANC ca­bal.

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