The po­lice are ob­so­lete

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SIZWEKAZI JEKWA prompts me to write, as she’s again touched on my cur­rent hob­by­horse. She speaks of how we should make sure we don’t as­sist the crim­i­nals in their quest for ul­ti­mate con­trol of the econ­omy. Just the other day a news­pa­per head­line in Dur­ban in­ti­mated that it was the pub­lic who caused the Dur­ban po­lice to be cor­rupt.

If the pub­lic must po­lice the po­lice, why do we need them? I sug­gest we don’t any­more. They have be­come ob­so­lete.

I saw a Sun­day evening TV pro­gramme where a Moral Re­gen­er­a­tion lady was telling us how they’re rewrit­ing the book on how we should de­ter­mine morals in this coun­try. Since they refuse all stan­dards that could form the ba­sis for any true morals, I sug­gest that when they’re fin­ished, the norm for our beau­ti­ful coun­try will be “Do as you please” – since they said they cer­tainly don’t want to be dic­tated to.

So we def­i­nitely won’t need the po­lice. Ex­cept, of course, for speed traps – which, as you know, is the most im­por­tant task of any po­lice force. Not me­nial tasks, such as point duty, that may as­sist the pub­lic... Oh yes, I for­got: it’s do as you please. This group would have us be­lieve that all par­ents are crim­i­nals and un­able to up­hold stan­dards even in their own homes. Morals and stan­dards are cre­ated through a deep-seated be­lief in some­thing much higher than gov­ern­ments. With­out some­thing higher there will never be a uni­formly ac­cepted moral stan­dard.

Crime will never stop un­less there’s a na­tional de­sire to cre­ate a moral stan­dard and that stan­dard needs to start at home, be re­in­forced at school and po­liced within so­ci­ety. Crim­i­nals can’t po­lice crim­i­nals. Cur­rently, we’re slip­ping into an­ar­chy, as only those few who still have a moral stan­dard are pre­pared to ac­cept the law.

Over the top? Let’s wait and see.

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