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Tricks: “I can make my eyes shiver and I also do sleight-of-hand con­jur­ing” Ear­li­est me­mory: Sit­ting in a sand­pit at Play­ways Nurs­ery School When I was grow­ing up, I wanted to be: A sol­dier Men­tors: I had three men­tors, two of whom have passed away: Fran­cois Swart and Eghardt van der Hoven; and then Tim Huisamen who, thank­fully, is still alive and well at Rhodes Univer­sity I ad­mire: Richard Dawkins, Camile Paglia and Noam Chom­sky Taken drugs?: Tequila – lots of it Rec­om­mended reads: Fooled by Ran­dom­ness, Nas­sim Taleb; Against the Gods, by Peter L Bern­stein; The An­ces­tor’s Tale, by Richard Dawkins Tech bytes? I’m not a technophile but I can’t live, for in­stance, with­out spread­sheet tech­nol­ogy. I also can’t wait to buy the new iPhone. ¤

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