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BULLISH. Thinks the gold price may push into the $670/oz re­gion some time dur­ing 2007 al­though it's un­likely to gain much fur­ther than that. In 2008, how­ever, the re­cent high of $725/oz could be reached.

“The dol­lar is only in­dica­tive of an in­vest­ment cli­mate that’s cur­rently favourable for gold. I take the broader view that there’s a fear out there that sys­temic risk is un­der-priced. As this fear of un­known down­side hits, in­vest­ment funds will seek pro­tec­tion by mak­ing changes in as­sets, like gold. Let’s not kid our­selves, gold is only a mar­ginal player, but there’s a class of in­vestor who’s us­ing gold as a hedge against all risk.”

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