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What drives you? Free­dom and in­de­pen­dence. To see a niche and de­velop some­thing that doesn’t ex­ist. What do you drive? An old four-wheel-drive from the Nineties. We all drive older ve­hi­cles so that we can tackle the rougher roads with­out wor­ry­ing too much about dam­age to the ve­hi­cle. Is this the first com­pany you’ve tack­led? Our first prod­uct, Cell-ID, which was in­tro­duced back in June 2001 and is still be­ing used, was un­for­tu­nately ahead of its time. The tech­nol­ogy is now be­ing widely used by banks and oth­ers. Where do you live? Brook­lyn, Pre­to­ria. Where do you go on hol­i­day and when last did you go? We get away as a team a few times a year. When we spend five days away in the Drak­ens­berg, Botswana or Mozam­bique we come up with new ideas and team build­ing takes place. What do you do each morn­ing when you get to work? I work alone, be­cause it’s usu­ally quiet. Most of our team, av­er­ag­ing five to seven peo­ple, are night peo­ple who some­times work un­til the early hours and pre­fer to come to work late.

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