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EVER WON­DERED WHY WE WORK AND PAY TAX IN SOUTH AFRICA? A Zim­bab­wean ar­rives in Jo’burg as a new im­mi­grant.

He stops the first per­son he sees walk­ing down the street and says: “Thank you Mr South African, for let­ting me in this coun­try and giv­ing me free hous­ing, food, free med­i­cal care, af­fir­ma­tive ac­tion, a job and free ed­u­ca­tion!”

But the passer-by says: “You are mis­taken, I’m a Nige­rian. I’m just here for the free med­i­cal care.”

The man goes on and en­coun­ters an­other passer-by.

“Thank you for hav­ing such a beau­ti­ful coun­try here in South Africa!”

The per­son an­swers: “I’m not South African, I’m from Mozam­bique. I’m just here for the free hous­ing.”

The new ar­rival walks fur­ther and the next per­son he sees he stops, shakes hands and says: “Thank you for the won­der­ful South Africa!”

That per­son puts up his hand and says: “I’m from Botswana, I’m not a South African, I’m just here for the free ed­u­ca­tion.”

He fi­nally sees a lady and asks sus­pi­ciously: “Are you a South African?” She says: “No, I’m from Ghana!” Puz­zled, he asks her: “Where are all the South Africans?”

The lady from Ghana looks at her watch, shrugs, and says....... “Prob­a­bly at work!”


Artery. Study of paint­ings. Bar­ium. What doc­tors do when treat­ment fails. Di­late. Live long. Mor­bid. Higher of­fer. Pelvis. Cousin of Elvis. Seizure. Ro­man em­peror. Tu­mour. An­other pair. Vein. Con­ceited. THE LAWS OF EM­PLOY­MENT If you’re good, you’ll get masses of work given to you. If you are re­ally good, you will know how to get out of it. Af­ter any pay rise, you will fi­nally end up with less money than you had be­fore. Ev­ery­thing can be filed un­der “mis­cel­la­neous”. Any­one can do any job, pro­vided it’s not the job he’s sup­posed to be do­ing. Never de­lay the end of a meet­ing or the be­gin­ning of an of­fice party.

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