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STILL NOT HAPPY with the way play­ers of dif­fer­ent South African rugby teams are cho­sen, Sarfu re­leased the fol­low­ing set of new rules to be im­ple­mented with im­me­di­ate ef­fect: 1. The Cheetahs will choose at least five

black play­ers. 2. The Sharks will choose at least five

In­dian play­ers. 3. The Bulls will choose at least five Eng-

lish-speak­ing play­ers. 4. The Li­ons will choose at least five Jew-

ish play­ers. 5. The Storm­ers will choose at least five

rugby play­ers. HOW MANY CEN­TRAL BANKERS does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one. He just holds the bulb and the earth re­volves around him.

How many economists? Seven – plus/ mi­nus five. ABSA HAS FIRED Danisa Baloyi due to her ties with the very ques­tion­able Fi­den­tia. How­ever, the busi­ness­woman says she did noth­ing wrong and is go­ing to turn the screws on Absa for hav­ing treated her so badly.

It looks as if the new Bok van Blerk song wouldn’t be in­ap­po­site here: “Baloyi, Baloyi, gaan jy die boere nou looi?” THE TSWANE MU­NIC­I­PAL­ITY is ac­tu­ally named af­ter Gen­eral De la Rey’s nephew Gen­eral Tswanepoel. So now there needn’t be any more ob­jec­tions to the name change. MALE TALK EX­PLAINED: It would take too long to ex­plain – I have no idea. • We don’t need ma­te­rial things to show our love – I for­got our an­niver­sary again. I have my rea­sons for this – I hope I can think of some­thing fast. FE­MALE TALK EX­PLAINED: It’s your de­ci­sion – it had bet­ter be my de­ci­sion. • Do you love me? – I’m about to ask for some­thing ex­pen­sive. I’ll be ready in a minute – sit down, put the TV on. I should be with you within an hour. You have to learn to com­mu­ni­cate – lis­ten to what I tell you.

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