Moral­ity stumped

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IN VIEW OF THE RE­CENT mur­der of Pak­istani coach Bob Woolmer and the team’s sub­se­quent exit from the Cricket World Cup, I can’t help but ques­tion the level of intelligence of the hu­man race and whether moral­ity is in any way linked to intelligence. Per­haps greed is? Though the rea­son for the mur­der is still un­clear, it’s fair to ob­serve that the ex­treme fa­nati­cism that’s linked to the dark un­der­world of the “book­ies and sport” leaves many ques­tions in the minds of the in­ves­ti­ga­tors unan­swered. How un­for­tu­nate is it that we as hu­mans (some of us, at least) find our worth and sig­nif­i­cance in a re­sult or a score­board.

Iron­i­cally, the pos­i­tive re­sult on a score­board is some­thing that has to be re­peated over and over again in or­der to sus­tain the value of sig­nif­i­cance and self worth – a mur­der on the other hand, only once.

Money can be a deadly mo­ti­va­tor. Money can prompt peo­ple from all lev­els of intelligence to en­gage in what could be con­sid­ered as a some­what shady deal. Mur­der? Well, that re­quires a prompt­ing on a dif­fer­ent level al­to­gether. It’s been long since sport has been merely an ar­bi­trary ac­tiv­ity in which we en­gage in or­der to pass the time – to­day it’s as much of a ca­reer as a stock­bro­ker or at­tor­ney. (It will ob­vi­ously count in your favour if you could be an at­tor­ney and pro­fes­sional sports­man at the same time.)

Once we’ve re­duced the value of a life – any hu­man life – to a point where it can be taken at any cost, we’ve reached a point where we over­rate our im­por­tance and sig­nif­i­cance on this planet.

I’m not sure whether mem­bers of the hu­man race be­lieve that they’ve be­come gods or whether we’re just a bunch of fouryear-olds who have no un­der­stand­ing and con­cept of con­se­quence… How­ever, I do re­alise that both of the above lead down a re­ally wide, sad and dark path.

Moral­ity is truly mor­tal.

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