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PERKS OF BE­ING OVER 40 1. In a hostage sit­u­a­tion you are likely to be

re­leased first. 2. Peo­ple call at 9 pm and ask: “Did I wake

you?” 3. Peo­ple no longer view you as a hypo-

chon­driac. 4. There is noth­ing left to learn the hard

way. 5. Things you buy now won’t wear

out. 6. You can eat sup­per at 4 pm. 7. You can live without sex but not your

glasses. 8. You get into heated ar­gu­ments about

pen­sion plans. 9. You quit try­ing to hold in your stom­ach no mat­ter who walks into the room. 10. You sing along with

mu­sic. 11. Your eye­sight won’t get much


el­e­va­tor 12. Your in­vest­ment in health in­sur­ance is

fi­nally beginning to pay off. 13. Your joints are more ac­cu­rate me­te­o­rolo-

gists than the na­tional weather ser­vice. 14. Your se­crets are safe with your friends

be­cause they can’t re­mem­ber them ei­ther. THE MOUSE fam­ily was sit­ting around the ta­ble chat­ting. Cat came charg­ing in. Fa­ther Mouse got the fright of his life and started bark­ing. Cat turned and ran away. Fa­ther Mouse said: “See how im­por­tant it is to know a sec­ond lan­guage!”

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