“De­cent” jobs for all?

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I HAVE NOW heard and read elec­tion speeches by var­i­ous par­ties. How­ever, there is one as­pect in Zuma’s ANC speech, which is in­ci­den­tally re­peated by Jesse Duarte (“Eco­nomic growth means poverty re­duc­tion”, Fin­week, 29 Jan­uary), that I don’t re­ally un­der­stand. Zuma re­ferred to “more new and de­cent jobs to be cre­ated”. Jesse Duarte says: “At the core of its plan is the cre­ation of more jobs and de­cent work.” What I would now like to know from some­one in the ANC is what work is “de­cent” (or even “in­de­cent” – ex­cept pros­ti­tu­tion). As far as I am con­cerned, surely any work, no mat­ter how lowly it’s con­sid­ered, is de­cent, pro­vided it’s done de­cently.

Would it not be bet­ter for the ANC to make fewer prom­ises (count the prom­ises made in Jesse Duarte’s elec­tion state­ment!) and rather to carry out some of them de­cently. In the 15 years in power, there aren’t many suc­cesses to record.

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