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THIS IS A RE­SPONSE to an email you pub­lished on 4 March this year. It’s highly un­true Nel­son Man­dela stayed in prison be­cause he wouldn’t part with vi­o­lence. The “Aca­demic” who wrote that let­ter cer­tainly has no idea Man­dela was ar­rested by his peo­ple in a time of peace­ful protests. He didn’t want vi­o­lence. And that’s the rea­son the PAC came into ex­is­tence.

Aca­demic, how dare you? So filled with ha­tred for good peo­ple you’ve started rewrit­ing his­tory. You ac­cuse Kader As­mal of pro­pa­ganda while you preach your own in­sid­i­ous pro­pa­ganda.

Your peo­ple, the Na­tional Party, of­fered to re­lease Man­dela on con­di­tion he stopped speak­ing up for the rights of Africans and on con­di­tion he headed a TBVC, ei­ther Ciskei or Transkei. That was why he re­fused to be re­leased just to do the white man’s will.

You have to be of in­fe­rior in­tel­li­gence to start be­liev­ing Man­dela sim­ply stayed in prison be­cause he just couldn’t swear non-vi­o­lence. Be­sides, if he were as vi­o­lent as you’d like the world to be­lieve what on earth kept him from ly­ing to your lead­ers just to be re­leased? Had he done that, ac­cord­ing to your ma­li­cious lies, he would have been able to fur­ther his vi­o­lent am­bi­tions.

You sound big­oted. You ob­vi­ously don’t love the man that ev­ery­body else other than you loves, be­cause he gave Africans some mea­sure of dig­nity.

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