Finweek English Edition - - BUSINESS TRENDS -

1 BE HON­EST: If the item is new and still has the wrap­ping on, say so. It will push your item to the top of the buy­ers’ list. If the prod­uct is dam­aged or slightly scratched but plays per­fectly, say so.

2 SELL LE­GAL GOODS: Don’t list a CD or DVD you ripped off your com­puter. Re­mem­ber, kala­hari.net holds the buyer’s money un­til he con­firms the con­di­tion of the item and if it’s any­thing less than you ad­ver­tised the deal will be re­versed and

you’ll be sus­pended.

3 CHECK THE COM­PE­TI­TION and price it right: Check the new re­tail price and then check what oth­ers are sell­ing it for, in or­der to price your prod­uct ap­pro­pri­ately.

4 BE TIME-SAVVY and pro­fes­sional: Make sure your buy­ers feel as though they’re be­ing treated with re­spect from the get-go. Post the item within 48 hours of re­ceiv­ing con­fir­ma­tion your item has been or­dered.

5 LET THE BUYER feel your love: Send the buyer a lit­tle note say­ing you hope he en­joys the DVD, CD, game or book.

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