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WHEN YOU DON’T have an ar­gu­ment, turn to abuse. Not to men­tion mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion. Mpumi Malangabi (Letters, 13 Jan­uary), pres­i­dent and CEO of Value Corp Strate­gic Ad­vi­sors out there in New York, ex­cels at both. In his re­ply to Paul Hil­liard (Letters, 16 De­cem­ber 2010) Malangabi de­scribes him as a “priv­i­leged id­iot” of the “ilk... who will al­ways be­lieve blacks have a mo­nop­oly on in­com­pe­tence”. On read­ing Hil­liard’s let­ter I dis­cov­ered who the id­iot was.

Of course Hil­liard said noth­ing of the sort, al­though our Govern­ment ap­pears to be do­ing its con­sid­er­able best to prove blacks do have a mo­nop­oly on in­com­pe­tence. All that Hil­liard ob­jected to was blacks be­ing given pref­er­en­tial treat­ment over bet­ter-qual­i­fied whites, of which there are many ex­am­ples.

South Africa’s “lib­eral” uni­ver­si­ties – with Wits and UCT so much in the fore­front in the fight against the racism of the apartheid govern­ment – are now will­ing ac­com­plices of the ANC’s ver­sion of racism. That, of course, goes un­der the name of trans­for­ma­tion – which is just a dis­hon­est eu­phemism for black racial priv­i­lege. Ge­orge Or­well would have been im­pressed no end by this lat­est ver­sion of Newspeak.

Malangabi comes up with the earth­shaker that we must “al­ways re­mem­ber black peo­ple have just as much right to op­por­tu­nity as white peo­ple in our coun­try”. But as far as I know that isn’t in dis­pute. What hacks peo­ple off – and not just re­ac­tionary whites yearn­ing for lost priv­i­leges – is the sight of all those black em­pow­er­ment fat cats, many just plain par­a­sites, who have po­lit­i­cal clout or who just hap­pen to have friends or relatives in high places. Or does Malangabi think all those gripes about cor­rup­tion are just a white in­ven­tion de­signed to dis­credit hon­est, hard-work­ing blacks?

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