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Th­es­pec­ta­cle COULDN’T help but no­tice the web­site for STRATEQUITY – the in­vest­ment arm of Altx-listed fi­nan­cial ser­vices group Strat­corp – has been “un­der con­struc­tion” for a few weeks. The rea­son Th­es­pec­ta­cle has been reg­u­larly look­ing at this web­page is in the hope of find­ing the lat­est an­nual re­port for Kose-kose In­vest­ments (for­merly Strat­corp Em­pow­er­ment Hold­ings) – an em­pow­er­ment com­pany that some­how deemed it pru­dent to buy into (or more ac­cu­rately, bail out of) the strug­gling Strat­corp. While Th­es­pec­ta­cle re­mains cu­ri­ous as to the where­abouts of Kose-kose’s fi­nan­cial state­ments, per­haps we should spare a thought for the thou­sands of monthly debit or­der in­vestors in Stratequity’s var­i­ous em­pow­er­ment in­vest­ment schemes who can’t con­ve­niently ac­cess the value of their in­vest­ments dur­ing nervy times in the mar­ket.

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