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For­ever push­ing the bound­aries of speed and power, su­per­car mak­ers have a new chal­lenge: com­bin­ing thrust with thrift. Su­per­cars and hy­per­cars are not known for be­ing fru­gal with fuel: if a Bu­gatti Vey­ron is driven at its top speed, it will con­sume 100 litres of fuel in 12.5 min­utes.

Not con­tent with hit­ting 100km/h in less time that it takes to read the next few words, Fer­rari, Porsche, McLaren and Lam­borgh­ini are all de­vel­op­ing green cars. Lam­borgh­ini has fit­ted the Aven­ta­dor LP 700-4 with a fuel econ­omy sys­tem that in­cludes an au­to­matic en­gine start/stop sys­tem. The Porsche 918 Spy­der’s V8 en­gine is sup­ple­mented by two elec­tric en­gines, and in hy­brid mode the su­per­car can eke out a po­ten­tial av­er­age fuel con­sump­tion of just 3l/100km. To put that in per­spec­tive, it equates to a car that can go from 0 to 100km/h in un­der three sec­onds and has a fuel econ­omy that beats the 7l/100km av­er­age con­sump­tion of a hatch-back. as be­ing the key con­sumers of su­per­cars. Sew­narain says that own­ing a su­per­car com­mu­ni­cates success and sta­tus. As­ton Martin, for in­stance, has cap­i­talised on the de­sire to live the James Bond life­style. The other fac­tor driv­ing su­per­car own­er­ship is the in­creas­ing avail­abil­ity of th­ese brands, which is cou­pled with new fi­nanc­ing op­tions and ease of pur­chase.

Day­tona Group MD Justin Di­varis says that he en­cour­ages his cus­tomers to fi­nance their su­per­cars, and around 20% of new clients are choos­ing this op­tion. Dave Ring­wood of Fer­ris, which re­pairs and sells Fer­raris, says: “Over­all, the su­per­car mar­ket has changed a lot. You used to only be able to buy su­per­cars from a hand­ful of agents, but now there is much more money in the in­dus­try and plenty of dif­fer­ent peo­ple sell­ing them.” He adds: “Since Mve­laphanda Hold­ings be­came an eq­uity part­ner in Vigli­etti Mo­tors, de­mand for Fer­raris has picked up… Be­cause [the group] can pro­vide the fund­ing and guar-

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