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An­gel Jones has been per­suad­ing emi­grée South Africans to come home once they’ve found the grass on the other side in­ad­e­quately green. Thou­sands have an­swered the call, and now she’s given up her job in ad­ver­tis­ing at the agency she co-founded and plans to turn the Home­com­ing Rev­o­lu­tion into a busi­ness ven­ture.

She will ex­pand it across the con­ti­nent, be­cause South Africa is small pota­toes com­pared to the mi­gra­tion of Nige­ri­ans, Kenyans and other Africans to Europe, Bri­tain, Amer­ica or other points north. The African di­as­pora in­cludes 10m Nige­ri­ans, 3m Kenyans. 2m Ghana­ians, 2m Ugan­dans and only 1.6m South Africans.

And the stereo­type of dis­grun­tled racist whites flee­ing a black government does not re­flect the re­al­ity. Half the em­i­grants are now black. “It really has noth­ing to do with the colour of your skin,” says Jones. “Once an African, al­ways an African.”

Rev­enue will come from the spon­sor­ship of events and ex­hi­bi­tions (30 a year) by re­movals com­pa­nies, re­cruit­ment agen­cies, real es­tate de­vel­op­ers, banks and so on.

Eco­nomic con­di­tions in the rest of the world make it more at­trac­tive to re­turn. As one “home­comer” said: “If I’m go­ing to be mis­er­able and job­less, I’d rather be mis­er­able and job­less at home.” But the fact is the di­as­pora com­prises a high pro-

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