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To­day’s univer­sity looks more like a well-oiled cor­po­ra­tion in­stead of a so­cially valu­able aca­demic in­sti­tu­tion as we con­tinue to de­mand de­grees in droves. One busi­ness school pro­fes­sor ac­tu­ally quipped to his stu­dents: “You’re not the cus­tomer, you’re the prod­uct.” As so­cial af­fir­ma­tion the­ory pre­dicts, we yearn for the ex­ter­nal val­i­da­tion that de­grees and cer­tifi­cates con­fer. But fol­low­ing the herd into school and fun­nelling off into sup­pos­edly de­sir­able com­pa­nies af­ter­ward can be a strat­egy that even­tu­ally leads to a pro­found sense of pro­fes­sional empti-

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