Your busi­ness should be con­sid­er­ing mo­bile as the only thing that mat­ters...

Finweek English Edition - - TECHNOLOGY - Simon Din­gle

This year, we’re told, treat mo­bile as the only plat­form out there.

This sug­ges­tion re­quires con­text, of course. It means truly un­der­stand­ing the per­sonal com­put­ing habits of your cus­tomers in­stead of fol­low­ing raw in­tu­ition. It means un­der­stand­ing re­spon­sive de­sign and how this fa­cil­i­tates vir­tu­ally any de­vice pos­si­bly in­ter­act­ing with your busi­ness. It doesn’t mean f ix­at­ing on the mo­bile phone per se. As writer Marek Wol­ski put it in a Smash­ing Mag­a­zine ar­ti­cle ear­lier this year: “It’s time to stop think­ing about the In­ter­net and on­line com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the con­text of a de­vice, be it desk­top, tablet or mo­bile.” In­stead, said Wol­ski: “We need to em­brace a de­vice-ag­nos­tic ap­proach to com­mu­ni­cat­ing with con­nected con­sumers and for­get the idea of a ‘mo­bile In­ter­net’.

Project Glass would not ex­ist with­out

as concierges and per­sonal, in-aisle check­out machines. As the cost of Blue­tooth chipsets and WiFi con­tin­ues to drop, sud­denly it seems ev­ery­thing

as a stand-alone de­vice or by teth­er­ing to a phone, tablet, or PC.”

It con­tin­ues: “In the post-PC era, mo­bile can’t be just a hobby. It’s not note­wor­thy that your en­ter­prise has great mo­bile apps; it’s note­wor­thy if you don’t. As you move past ex­per­i­men­ta­tion, make sure you avoid get­ting stuck on Mo­bile First. Fo­cus in­stead on the prospect of rein­ven­tion, based and be­yond.”

It’s time to stop lead­ing with mo­bile. The new school is think­ing of post-PC com­put­ing in a more fun­da­men­tal way and your busi­ness is slip­ping be­hind with any other ap­proach.

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