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more at­trac­tive peo­ple are per­ceived to be more risk tol­er­ant, ac­cord­ing to re­search by Sh­eryl Ball, Cather­ine C Eckel and Maria Her­a­cleous.

Women are per­ceived to be more risk averse. That means that women are at a dis­ad­van­tage when it comes to get­ting sup­port for risk-tak­ing. This per­cep­tion bias fur­ther com­pounds the in­cli­na­tion dif­fer­ences. I fear this is one of the fac­tors that snagged me as I chose sto­ries for my book. I per­ceived a larger per­cent­age of male sto­ries to be sim­ply more com­pelling than the fe­male sto­ries. But were they really? Did I count women out too early? Maybe I just found it eas­ier to re­late to the male sto­ries.

Maybe women con­ceive of risk-tak­ing dif­fer­ently, and I just didn’t look through the right lens.

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