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Ilove South Africa and am f iercely loyal to this coun­try. We have so many op­por­tu­ni­ties here, many more than many other coun­tries. But last week I had an ex­pe­ri­ence that made me deeply ques­tion my pa­tri­o­tism. Are we as South Africans los­ing our hu­man­ity? And more im­por­tantly, how can we get it back? A DEARTH OF HU­MAN­ITY On Wed­nes­day the 27th of March, I was f in­ish­ing g off a brisk walk in Kather­ine Drive, Sand­ton. Dusk was ap­proach­ing and as a woman, I prob­a­bly shouldn’t have been out on my own. How­ever I was on a main road with lots of traf­fic to­wards the end of rush-hour, with only a kilo­me­tre to go un­til I reached home, so I thought I would be f i ne. Big mis­take. As I ap­proached the dip where Kather­ine Drive goes over a river, two men in their twen­ties came r un­ning out of nowhere and ploughed into me.

I didn’t have time to re­act. They y forced me onto my stom­ach and pushed my face into the ground to pre­vent me see­ing their faces. One held my wind­pipe ex­cru­ci­at­ingly tight while forc­ing my jaw wide open, so I couldn’t breathe or scream. The other lay on top of me and bit off my ear­rings. Then they de­manded a cell­phone. I wasn’t car­ry­ing one, so I gasped: “Take my watch, that is all I have on me.”

They ripped my watch off my wrist. How­ever this wasn’t enough. Up to now, all this had been in full view of the p pass­ing g

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