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Creativit y is usu­ally en­hanced by giv­ing peo­ple more free­dom and f lex­i­bil­ity at work. If you like struc­ture, or­der and pre­dictabil­ity, you are prob­a­bly not cre­ative. How­ever, we are all more likely to per­form more cre­atively in spon­ta­neous, un­pre­dictable cir­cum­stances be­cause we can­not rely on our habits. Don’t con­strain your cre­ative em­ploy­ees; don’t force them to fol­low pro­cesses or struc­tures. Let them work re­motely and out­side nor­mal hours; don’t ask where they are, what they are do­ing or how they do

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