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Samsung stands alone in its quest to de­liver ever y i mag­in­able screen size, form fac­tor and f lavour of mo­bile de­vice. A phone the size of a Ja­panese au­to­mo­bile? No prob­lem. Want a tablet small enough to fit in a den­tal cav­ity? They’ve got you cov­ered. And ev­ery­thing in-be­tween – all thrown at the wall to see what sticks. In the case of the Galaxy Note 8 there’s a lot that does cling to the perime­ter of sen­si­bil­ity, sur­pris­ingly, which is prob­a­bly why this de­vice has found a niche of ded­i­cated fol­low­ers.

The Note 8 is os­ten­si­bly an An­droid tablet at that awkward size some­where be­tween the more reg­u­lar 7” tablets like the iPad Mini and the larger 10” af­fairs like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Its pro­por­tions seem like a strange de­sign de­ci­sion, un­til The best tablet avail­able for hand-writ­ten notes and pen art. you ac­tu­ally start to write and draw on the thing.

This is where the Note 8 is un­like other tablets. As with all Galaxy Note de­vices in the range, it ships with a very fine­pointed, pres­sure-sen­si­tive pen sty­lus for hand­writ­ing and draw­ing. Un­like the fat-tipped rub­ber mon­strosi­ties that you have to con­tend with on other de­vices, the sty­lus on Samsung’s Note de­vices are small and ac­cu­rate.

It’s re­mark­able how use­ful the sty­lus is when you start us­ing the Note for doo­dling in meet­ings and an­no­tat­ing slides and other im­ages. It’s also pos­si­ble to sync up your sty­lus-cre­ated stuff with Ever­note – the on­line note ser­vice of which I am an acolyte. It’s like the Note 8 was made for

R6 000 Ever­note fans.

Quite sim­ply, Samsung’s Note de­vices have no com­pe­ti­tion when it comes to be­ing able to write, draw and sketch on a touch­screen.

Whether or not you need a tablet with this kind of func­tion­al­ity is re­ally up to you, how­ever. I found it novel at first, but

An iPad and a fat, rub­ber sty­lus.

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